The Wave© are bringing surfing, nature and a fresh way of thinking to people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities.

We are building exciting, sustainable inland surfing lake destinations powered by the latest Wavegarden wave-making technology.

The Wave© will provide high performance waves for technical development and perfect waves for intermediate and beginners too.

Our first two developments are in Bristol and London UK.

SURFING: Perfect waves every 8-10 seconds. Waves for experts and improvers alike. Fast barrels or stretched out open walls of water. Total flexibility. Open water swimming and spaces to relax in water and immerse in nature.

HEALTH: Fresh healthy food, organic farming spaces and sustainable growing systems. A chance to reconnect with nature, outdoors and each other. Active, healthy living.

EDUCATION: Set in beautiful natural landscapes – spaces where people can socialise, get back in touch with nature, play, stay, learn and explore…There will be something for everyone.

Powered by Wavegarden Technology

The Wave Productions produce, perform and curate groundbreaking films, exciting digital media, dynamic books and pioneering educational programs that explore surfing’s ability to inspire positive change and social good in local and global contexts.

The Wave Stories are a collection of interesting articles, stories and historical/cultural perspectives from The Wave team.


We are on a very exciting journey and we would love you to join us…

Health | Education | Surf

Surfing can change the way we all look at the world. How we interact with nature, with our body and with each other.

The Wave Vision

  • Develop destinations for people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds to try surfing, exercise and be more active & healthy.
  • Create an engaging, educational space for all visitors.
  • Increase the number of older people enjoying a higher quality of life through activities and social space.
  • Teach people about the growing and preparation of healthy food.
  • Create a rehabilitative environment for ex-servicemen and women with physical and emotional needs.
  • Integrate generations to encourage greater respect between them.
  • Give access to leisure facilities for terminally ill/disabled children.

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