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10th May 2017

We are extremely excited to announce major progress with The Wave.

Last October we were invited to visit Wavegarden in Northern Spain as we were tipped off that they had just finished building something special at their demonstration centre. What came next totally blew us away!

We took a tight crew of our team, surfers and investors out to San Sebastian to discover the next evolution in man-made surfing waves "Wavegarden Cove". We were greeted by our Spanish friends and waves like I had only ever dreamed of. Perfect, pristine Caribbean blue barrelling waves reeling across the lake, over head-high and more astonishingly with an 8-10 second regularity!

My suspicious eyes were transfixed on the quality of the waves, surely the currents would eventually tear them apart? No. Every wave was mechanically perfect, one after the other. Astonishing.

Last year was challenging for us with many investors seemingly unable to believe that such high quality waves at this frequency and variability were possible, yet here it was, the proof we needed! Our main investor went in for a surf having never touched a board in his life. I kid you not, within 25 minutes he was up and riding. Just incredible to watch as we all hooted him into wave after wave.

The rest of us had the most amazing time. More waves than we could catch. Painfully we watched empty runners go by unridden but the gentle rip current helped us back to the take-off zone for yet another ride. I had more waves in that 2 hours than the whole 6 months previously.

Today, Wavegarden released detailed footage of their new "Cove" technology. We hope you will agree that it changes the game.

The most important characteristics we have always sought in the wave-generating technology we use (and which should be borne in mind when reviewing any footage of a new wave pool) are:

1. Wave quality
2. Wave frequency
3. Wave adjustability
4. Wave efficiency
5. No single points of failure

Solving each of these key factors has been the ultimate goal. As those of you that have followed us since the beginning know, we have spent the last few years looking very closely at all the currently available technology. Our visit to Wavegarden's  Cove has left us in absolutely no doubt that Wavegarden are the only technology providers to have not only met these five criteria, but have exceeded them beyond our wildest expectations. We are therefore very happy to announce that we will be working with Wavegarden on our developments.

Since that mind-blowing trip, things have moved incredibly fast. We are now exclusive partners with Wavegarden and have excellent funders by our side to deliver The Wave Bristol. Our architects, landscape designers and our engineers have worked hard drawing together slightly amended plans, which we have submitted to South Gloucestershire Council. These minor amendments should be approved in late May and then the physical work can begin!

We are also very excited to announce that we are currently in negotiations to build an inland surfing destination on a stunning piece of land in London. As soon as we are able, we will let you know more about this incredible development. It will deliver the same triple bottom line as The Wave Bristol, and be an immersive place to stay, exercise, play and learn. Not just for surfers, but for the whole family.

We will of course be delivering Bristol first, but the vision of delivering two beautiful UK inland surfing destinations before the Tokyo Olympics in 2020 is now real!

Feast your eyes on what Wavegarden have created and rest assured, this is the real deal and coming to us all soon.

Thanks for your patience, it will be worth the wait!

Nick and The Wave Team

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